BOMBitUP APK Download Latest v4.05

BOMBitUP APK Download Latest v3.06.6

So you want to prank your friends with SMS bomber. Here we have the best SMS bomber for your android device. You can download it today from here the app is called BOMBitUP apk which is also supported by International Mobile numbers.

This is one of the best SMS Bomber for Pranking friends and relatives by sending unlimited Messages to their mobile number. The best thing is you are not exposed after sending multiple messages to the victim. This app lets you do the job anonymously.

You are completely safe if your intention is Good then you may face the trouble when this app is used for revenge or other purposes. The person is only responsible for all his/her activity with BOMBitUP apk. The developer is not responsible for anything you do with this fun app.

BOMBitUP app for IOS is still in the development stage we will update the post according to the developer news. Keep checking here for more updates regarding BOMBitUP apk.

What is SMS Bomber apk?

SMS Bomber apk is one of the android apps which is mostly used for pranking and recreational purposes. Previously there are tons of Websites providing the same service which is intentionally the same purpose. But those are now not updating the API’s of SMS sending services. So, many of the websites got shut down. BOMBitUP apk is getting latest updates from the developer whenever anyone of the API is not working. The developer updates the BOMBitUP apk with latest suitable API.

In simple words, this is an app for sending unlimited messages to the number which you want to blast.

Download BOMBitUP apk Latest Version for Android

BOMBitUP apk is developed by Sanchit Gera you can nd him on Github for any help regarding app development. Download the app from below links officially. We have given the names of the contributors to the app development and testing.

Contributors: Hardiksinh (Testing), Rizwan (U.K Bomber), Johnny (U.S Bomber), Utsab Bhattarai (Nepal Bomber), Joshua Primero (Philippines Bomber), and Darvesh Lashari (Pakistan Bomber)


How to Install BOMBitUP apk on Android Device

Step 1: Download BOMBitUP apk from the above download link. Store into the Internal Memory or SD Card.


Step 2: Tap on the apk now, you may get the popup which is asked for Allow from this Source or not. Toggle the allow from this Source.

Step 3: Again tap on the Apk le and Install the app normally.

Step 4: Open the app to make fun of someone. Select the Country from the drop down menu and enter the number or pick from the phone Book.


  • Sms Blast (SMS Bomber)
  • Free SmS
  • International Bomber (USA, U.K, Pakistan, Nepal, Philippines and more will be added)
  • Custom SMS Bomber (You can type the message to be blasted)
  • Email Bomber Call Bomber (Send Anonymous calls to someone)
  • Protection of your number (You can Protect your number by registering. Logs will be cleared after seven days you need to do register again)
  • Check the Update within the app.

Disclaimer: This is to inform all the users of BOMBitUP that we at BOMBitUP apk created for fun purposed on;y, not to harm or hurt any party. Therefore users are duly informed that we would not be held responsible for any ill deeds or any misconduct by the user through the application. It is solely the responsibility of the user using the application.

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