AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 Download Latest Version in 2020

AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 Download Latest Version in 2020

We are back again with the brand new Whatsapp mod known as AZWhatsApp. AZWhatsApp APK will give you the feature of the dual WhatsApp on your mobile. You can use AZ WhatsApp with the Oficial WhatsApp at the same time. AZ WhatsApp comes with all the new features of any Whatsapp mod. The AZ WhatsApp v10.15 is the latest version of this WhatsApp Mod Apk.

I’m pretty certain that you’re mad concerning WhatsApp mods. That’s why you’re here. Maybe, you have got already seen YoWhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp and a lot of. But, this AZWhatsApp latest version is fascinating. it’s got very cool options within the latest update. Download the AZ WhatsApp currently from the below link to expertise those options.

Already on the web, you will a lot of different WhatsApp mod available which you can use. AZWhatsApp APK is the newest brand new Whatsapp mod Apk on the internet. As it is the new Whatsapp mod so, therefore, it comes with new features as well. This is just like any other Whatsapp mod but with some cool features added on it. AZ WhatsApp is just like the updated version of the YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp.

What is AZWhatsApp?

This WhatsApp mod is based on YoWhatsApp, this app is an Android application and another WAMOD which used the same server of the official version. It is an antiban WAMOD, this app has some good extra features like you can enable the option to the repeated media files.

You have to install the Cleaner app which is developed by the same developer for delete repeated files.

AZWhatsApp is developed by Ali Al-Zaabi, and he is working hard to make this app more usable.

AZWhatsApp Features

  • Details of AZ WhatsApp 10.15 is being updated., You can Download
  • Anti Ban feature is added.
  • Base version update to 2.19.17.
  • Now you can see which messages are deleted
  • New: Media Visibility feature (Go to Profile > Media Visibility).
  • Mark messages as read from notifications.
  • Select All Chats, So you can take action to multiple chats at once.
  • Group admin can stop other group members from sending messages to the group.
  • Added: Option 2.1.11 to hide the default new message creation button on AZ WhatsApp2.
  • New themes are available in the theme store.
  • Set a video icon for specific conversations.
  • Two different Languages added which are  Italian and Brazilian.
  • Fix for group member name color while adding them and bubble chat color.

Download AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 Latest version


How to Install AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 on Android?

The installation process is very simple for this app, we have given below complete instructions step by step just follow it:

First of all, you’ve got to require a backup manually from the Official WhatsApp. So, you’ll restore all of your chats e on the newest GBWhatsApp and with none issue. If you do not try this you’ll find yourself losing all messages history.

Step 1. First of all, take a backup from Official WhatsApp, go to settings in WhatsApp followed by Chats than click on Chat Backup.

Step 2. Now uninstall Official WhatsApp.

Step 3. Now install AZWhatsApp in your device by enabling unknown sources.

Install AZWhatsApp APK 10.40

Step 4. After installation, launch the app, allow all permissions and close the AZWA app.

Step 5. Now open the app again and click on Agree and Continue button.

Step 6. Now enter your phone number and click on Copy WhatsApp Date.

Install AZWhatsApp APK 10.40 2

Step 5. Now verify your device with OTP and restore your chats and Enjoy.

AZWhatsApp FAQs

Is it safe to use AZWhatsApp?

Yes, this app is completely safe because AZWhatsApp uses the same server of the official WhatsApp to send and receive messages.

Is it available for the IOS device?

No, it is not available for IOS, the developer release only APK version which only supports Android Operating System.

Is AZWhatsApp better than the official WhatsApp?

Yes, because AZWA has lots of features that official Whatsapp does not have.

Can I see deleted messages in AZWhatsApp?

Yes, you can see messages which are deleted by your sender, while this feature official Whatsapp doesn’t have.

Can I use both WhatsApp and AZWhatsApp simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both, also you use other mods but need different numbers to verify accounts.

Final Words

AZWhatsApp APK is one of the finest WAMOD for all with all YoWhatsapp and extra features. You can easily use this app without getting a ban. This app provides us unique features like removing repeated media files.

If you have any problem or error please comment or reach us via the contact page.


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